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Xu Tianhua said “Because the Secret Witch Hermit Society and the Fish Personnel have made contributions internally This is assigned from above I have to thank you Otherwise such a weapon may not be my turn” Hang Yu laughed and said “Our own people thank you for what The defense of the barren valley town won’t last long Let’s act quickly” Say He took a hawk’s eye view The bear goblin is not without a little wariness He has a man in the rear and a dozen scattered sentries “In order to avoid being discovered in advance I will take Yegu and Dyes and Pigments the Jackal scouts first quietly solve these problems and you will lead the other troops behind” Xu Tianhua nodded “Good!” Hang Yu took Hang Xiaobai the jackal assassin Yegu and a hundred jackal scouts to set out first Why is the Jackal Scout one of the best arms to use early on On the one hand it is because the scout has good explosive power very fast movement speed and strong tracking and reconnaissance ability On the other hand jackal scouts are good at hiding breath and have the ability to sneak in short distances Hang Yu led the troops to enter quietly Quickly clear the rear sentries first Because of the cover of Hang Xiaobai with the agility and explosive power of the jackal scouts as well as the strength of Hang Yu and Yegu all the way was very smooth and soon came to the vicinity of the battlefield All sneak! Hang Yu gave a command One hundred Jackal soldiers have activated their skills Kill the healer first then the arcane soldier! “Wipe them all out as fast as you can” “All right do it!” Hang Yu launched a secret attack skill with Xiaobai Yegu and one hundred jackal scouts and quickly approached the bear goblin troops from the rear Xu Tianhua felt that the timing was about the same “Let’s go too!” Now the action is just enough to catch up with Hangyu after a wave of surprise attacks launched a powerful charge against the bear goblins so he blessed himself and then led more than 400 infantry more than 100 healers to launch an attack! A drastic action has begun! Chapter 369 self-destruction Because the bear goblin body in the fog area this is not high perception is further limited simply can not feel the approach of Hang Yu on the spot by a dragon wave swept away more than ten treatment soldiers Magic Blood Awakens! Bloodblade is activated! Then he launched the second order skill to kill crazily Hang Yu picked up the earth dragon wave gun with the blade of burning blood and crushed the bear goblin like a tank He single-handedly pierced the ground array and scattered the enemy’s rear array in an instant The weapon swung at an amazing speed and hit several targets at the same time -180! -181! -186! …… Hang Yu’s basic attributes are extremely high! Not to mention the superposition of the three skills The bear goblins who were shot by the Earth Dragon Wave took tons of damage! How can a small soldier withstand such an attack On average China Chemicals they were killed in two or three strokes! The Earth Dragon Fluctuation Gun is blessed with the blade of burning blood The attack range is amazing The additional fluctuation effect spreads the damage causing a second strike effect so that more bear goblin soldiers are swept through it! This damage area this output efficiency and area attack spells are even better! It’s too soon The High Bear Goblins have discovered the disturbance But I haven’t had time to react! Jackal scouts armed with cutlasses appeared in the mist The jackal scout explosive force is very strong the healer was suddenly attacked like cutting wheat fell a large the entire array was disrupted can not continue to add blood for the front row of giant shield soldiers so the chain effect of the rear attack soon reacted in the front Arrows rained down Fireball after fireball The giant shield soldiers are not as stable as a rock One giant shield soldier after another fell under the counterattack of the troops in the town of Wasteland There is a gap in the defense of the giant shield array and the gap is getting bigger and bigger A Jackal Scout Niru knew that it would not be difficult for a small group of Jackal scouts to approach the Bear Goblin’s troops without a sound when they were disturbed by the fog He said angrily “This damned Lord of Barren Valley has incorporated the Jackal!” I have to admit Look down on the new Lord
It is not easy to organize a strong garrison in such a short time to absorb the Food and Feed Additives jackals into a vassal race and to create a whole group of jackals They can’t even afford the protection money of the high Lord Why are there so many resources to build troops Niru did not have time to think about the reason but felt a strong charge coming Xu Tianhua wields the giant sword to kill into the bear goblin after having the blue weapon he will not be inferior to Hang Yu in the output aspect too much At the same time More than four hundred human soldiers launched the first order skill “soldier charge” at the same time! Like a torrent of steel they hit the defenseless and flawed enemy 70% of the healers were slaughtered nearly half of the arcane soldiers were destroyed and the rear forces of the bear goblins were completely defeated almost unable to stop effective resistance! More than a hundred human healers followed They are constantly firing healing skills and are adding health to the infantry in front of them At the same time the bear goblin troops were attacked from both sides The front was attacked by arrows and fireballs and the rear was attacked by a group of five or six hundred troops The troops were completely out of treatment and the number of casualties rose rapidly For a time they lost ground and were completely in a passive position Niru pounced with a snarl of rage He did not hold a weapon both arms were covered with heavy armors only to see the process of running quickly raised his right arm the elements of fire gathered in the metal casting of combat gloves instantly condensed into a violent impact of rage Explosive inflammation impact! Niru’s fist came out at a speed that was difficult to distinguish with the naked eye blowing up a jackal scout on the spot bursting out flames and at the same time shooting off two jackal scouts nearby Hurricane impact! Niru jumped ten meters at the same time left fist with faster speed burst out of the hurricane and wind blade once again crushed two jackal scouts he is worthy of the Lord of Black Sand Town its strength is really good globalchemmall.com

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