In order to show the demeanor of the elder, Tianfeng Zhenren tried to hold back his anger: “Although this is the fault of the magic knife Zhu benefactor, he can’t help it. He has to do so. Fortunately, Shi Sheng didn’t cause any harm. It’s better to..” Shen Ye did not wait for Tianfeng Zhenren to finish, then shouted abuse: “Lao Dao, are you so reasonable?”? Fortunately, you are still the three immortals in the universe. Why don’t you just take off your Taoist robe and join the Demon Way? Why do you say those crooked reasons that even the Demon Way people disdain to say under the sign of chivalry? I’m really ashamed of you! Tianfeng Zhenren was so angry that his beard opened angrily, and the eagle’s eyes revealed a heavy murder: “Younger generation, you scold happily, you scold as much as you can!”! You will soon regret that you should not have come into this world. You look like a monk. Why? If you put on such a cannibalistic look, will I be afraid? If you have any means, just do it. The master doesn’t care at all. The day breeze real person took a breath slowly, the complexion gradually turned pale gray, the double palm slowly mentioned the chest, Yin Yin a pen: “You go to die!” ” A sudden outward flip. A kind of inner power rushed to Shen Ye like an angry wave. Shen Ye doesn’t want to expose his strength too early. Horse step slightly setback, tiger eyes emerge strange light, mention the chest and abdomen of the palms, suddenly emerged a silver ball of light. His palms flicked from side to side, and the strength of Tianfeng Zhenren’s hands slipped past his side. The pale blue shadow flashed into the arms of Tianfeng Zhenren, and then the thunder struck. Tianfeng Zhenren didn’t even have time to react, and the fierce blow was like a rainstorm hitting a broken flower. Poor Tianfeng Zhenren seemed to have become a piece of stubborn iron,smart whiteboard price, which was hammered on the anvil, fell down and was lifted up and beaten, turned over and beaten by the black heart, and became a pile of rotten meat. He could not get up and lay moaning on the ground like a dying dog. Things happened too fast, certification also too late to react, and when Tianfeng Zhenren lay on the ground groaning, the other two Laodao began to pull the sword to stop,facial recognization camera, lest Tianfeng Zhenren continue to be hurt. The swords of the two veterans are both ancient swords with pine patterns, which can be classified as swords. The cold light shines and touches the body. “Come to the poor way!” The two old Taoist swords pointed directly at Shen Ye. The people of the Seven Star Villa were shocked by the thunderbolt. Tianfeng Zhenren, one of the three immortals in the universe, who is known as Xuangong Taoism, first attacked Shen Ye with 70% of the power of broken jade palm. Not only could he not hurt Shen Ye at all, but he was beaten by the other side. How is that possible? But the fact is in front of us. Especially the Seven Star Sword and the Soul Chasing Pen, thinking that night in the basement of the villa, if Shen Ye also beat them like this, God! I’m in a cold sweat when I think about it. Shen Ye clapped his hands carelessly, as if to pat off the dust on the body of Tianfeng Zhenren. He glanced up at the two old men and said, “Are you going to join hands?” “The benefactor’s martial arts are excellent. The poor Taoist and others think that one to one is not the enemy of the benefactor, so they want to join hands and ask the benefactor for advice.” The long-browed old Taoist said without changing his face. He gazed at the two masters in silence for a moment and said with a straight face, “Since you two want to give me some advice, I’ll accompany you with my bare hands.” With the status and seniority of the poor Taoist in the martial arts world, it’s enough to be ashamed of two against one. How can you use a weapon against an unarmed hand again? The poor way borrows a sword on behalf of the benefactor. Taoist Chang Mei waved to all the people in the Seven Star Villa who were watching the battle. The Seven Star Sword personally untied the famous Seven Star Sword and handed it to Shen Ye with its scabbard. Shen Ye took the face and thanked him. Lu Jian Yin, face detection android ,touch screen kiosk, the Seven Star Sword was unsheathed. At this moment, eight torches have been planted in the courtyard, illuminating the whole front yard as if it were day. Shen Ye handed the scabbard to the two demons behind him, and the seven stars embossed on the body of the sword shone brightly. With a more solemn expression, he offered his sword to the two old Taoists and said, “Wanping and Shenye, please give us some advice.” The two old Taoists returned the salute with a solemn expression: “Poor Taoists Wuji Danshi and Sanyuan Dharma Master Chengjiao!” As soon as the atmosphere in the arena tightened, all the people in the Seven Star Villa retreated to the stone steps of the front courtyard hall, and even Tianfeng Zhenren, who was lying on the ground, was carried away. The two demons and Shuyi Xiaobo retreated to the wall, ready to help at any time. The long swords in the hands of Wuji Danshi and Sanyuan Dharma Master suddenly made a sound like a dragon singing and a tiger roaring, and burst out sparks. Shen Jian’s sword also stretched out, the sword singing like midnight wind waves, also like the faint thunder from the sky, the sword stands like a mountain.
The sword is so dense that it is cold on the face. The three swords are far away from each other. They are cohesive behind each other. They do not move to fight for the empty door. They do not move the sword to create a favorable attack situation. At the beginning, they assume the posture of attacking and grabbing the thunder. It seems that they all intend to win or lose by one blow, and the strong survive and the weak perish. For a moment, time seemed to stand still, the tense atmosphere was getting stronger and stronger, and all the people were waiting with bated breath. The clank of gold and iron suddenly broke out. It’s hard to see who did it first. Anyway, the three of them suddenly approached. Suddenly, there was a laser sword light. Suddenly, there was a deafening golden sound. That’s all. The speed of the action was unparalleled. The three men retreated eight feet to the three sides at the same time. The strength of the sword was half a catty. At the same time, the three men jumped on it again. Zheng! Clank.. Three people are faster than lightning, absolutely can not avoid the contact of three swords, strong attack, momentum like a rainbow. There is no chance to fight, and every sword is a unique one that can not be used between life and death. It is the first time for both sides to meet such a master of swordsmanship. There is no such thing as a divine sword. Because the speed is too fast, the onlookers have seen the changes of the form and shadow, too many things to see, even the figure is difficult to distinguish. The blinding laser, the exploding sparks, the thunderous roar of the sword, the faintly discernible figure, and the violent exchange of gold and iron between the sword and the sword, that’s all. The people watching the battle at the Seven Star Villa, including Xie Shichao, the master of the Taihu Villa with a square face, also saw that his palms were sweating and his heart beat faster. He was so nervous that he clenched his fists and pumped out cold air. Thunder, the second demon king watching the battle by the wall, looked like a spectator watching the play, with a bite on his mouth and a leisurely expression, as if he had already decided that his master would win. But the bookish Xiaobo was not relaxed. He had seen such a fierce battle scene several times, so he clenched his fists with two small hands, clenched his teeth,face recognition identification kiosk, breathed fast, full of tension and concern. Clank.. A series of gold and iron are ringing, and figures are flying in three directions.

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