“Not at first, because I’m not interested in acting. I’m a jewelry designer and I only like to work with platinum and diamonds.” Bai Qingcheng smiled gracefully. She should be the kind of girl with a good family. Good job, very envious-then why did you agree later? Yan Feng said, “filming is very hard.” “Because you are the hero of the play.” Bai Qingcheng turned up the corners of his mouth and said half-truthfully, “Don’t you know you’re a girl and a young woman killer?” Yan Feng smiled, looked at Bai Qingcheng, thought of Anxin, do not know why, he always felt that Bai Qingcheng and Anxin have some similarities, not appearance, nor temperament, he could not tell what it was, perhaps because a long time ago, Anxin told him that her name was Feng Qingguo, she had a sister named Feng Qingcheng. Do you belong to the former or the latter? Yan Feng laughed. Hum- “Bai Qingcheng thought for a moment and winked at him niftily.” It’s both. ” This girl is very interesting. Yan Feng asked, “When will your play be made?” “Tomorrow afternoon, I have very little part in the play. It’s just a vase.” Bai Qingcheng seemed to see Yanfeng’s psychology and stood up, “It’s OK to eat this kind of thing once or twice,asrs warehouse, but it’s uncomfortable to eat too much.” When she said this, she casually looked at Yan Feng. Yan Feng smiled, “you don’t have to eat a box lunch at night.” “It’s no fun to go out to eat alone.” Bai Qingcheng said, “but I’m used to it.” Yan Feng also stood up, “let’s eat together in the evening.” “If you invite me to dinner, I think a lot of girls will be crazy jealous of me.” Bai Qingcheng’s smile is very beautiful, which makes people feel amazing from time to time. Yan Feng suddenly blurted out: “You look like a person.” “Who?” Bai Qingcheng Guaner,heavy duty rack manufacturers, “your girlfriend?” That’s an old excuse! Yan Feng couldn’t help laughing. Really? Bai Qingcheng asked. Yan Feng shook his head. “She was a long time ago. Now-I don’t know.” A long time ago, a long time ago, we do not know how to cherish. You are welcome to publish the latest original works in Tencent. In order to facilitate the works to pass the review more smoothly, the detailed requirements for “valid works” are as follows: 1. The works uploaded for the first time shall not be less than 10 chapters, and each chapter shall not be less than 700 words. There is a complete introduction to the content, the content is continuous and complete, and the layout is neat; 2. Require the published works to be original by the author; 3. The author’s information is accurate and complete. The title of the work and the author’s pen name do not appear too many special symbols and irregular combinations; 4. No advertising content or links to external commercial websites shall appear in the chapters; All of the above requirements are indispensable, and any violation of any of them will not be able to pass the audit. An Accident (1) Lost, we think that person has become our past, we do not know, in fact, that person has been engraved in our lives, forever. If possible, mobile racking systems ,shuttle rack system, we would like to give everything, as long as that person can come back. Bai Qingcheng’s role is really very few, she is a social butterfly who is temporarily invited to accompany the heroine in the play when she attends a banquet. But Bai Qingcheng played this courtesan’s long-sleeved dance seamlessly, every smile, every look, every hand, every foot, all kinds of amorous feelings. In contrast, Zhou Wanru is eclipsed in the play, as if the primary and secondary were suddenly reversed. The scene was shot many times, and the more people around him, the more they felt that the light of Bai Qingcheng had completely overshadowed Zhou Wanru. Finally, Director Yu shook his head and spread his hands helplessly to the producer. Director Yu, the clothes Bai Qingcheng wears in the play are so dazzling! The lake-green cheongsam I wear is simply too rustic. Zhou Wanru found a completely inadequate excuse for himself. It’s very simple. Yan Feng took the words aside, “as long as you change your clothes and roles to try, you will know if it is the problem of clothes.” “You-” Zhou like staring at Yan Feng, this person is handsome, but also do not understand the amorous feelings. Director Yu frowned. “Shoot again.”.
” In the play, Bai Qingcheng’s courtesan Ruyan wears a brilliant cheongsam like a rosy cloud. One side of the cheongsam is very high, and her legs are as long as jade. She walks towards everyone like a breeze, smiling like a flower, “Oh, I’m late.” Zhou Wanru glanced at her with the corner of his eye, turned his face sideways, and looked disdainful. This is Miss Lu Wenjuan. She has an outstanding temperament. She is really a lady from a famous family. Ruyan looked at Zhou Wanru with a smile. Zhou Wanru did not look back, she only snorted in her nose, “a lady from a famous family?”? Miss Ruyan laughed. “Stop!” Director Yu came over and said to Zhou Wanru, “How many times have I said that a sensible young lady like Lu Wenjuan, even if she despises her heart, will not always throw her face away. When she said this, she should be smiling, but this kind of smile..” “I can’t laugh.” Zhou Wanru stood up. But you have to laugh, and laugh with grace. Director Yu insisted. Zhou Wanru raised his head slightly, “Director Yu, can you let me play Lu Wenjuan in my own way?” Director Yu was stupefied for a moment. Staring at Zhou Wanru for a few seconds, he suddenly nodded and said with a calm face: “Well, you go on, go on.” Yan Feng looked at Yu Dao strangely. He was always famous for being picky in the circle. As long as he was a little dissatisfied, he would never let go of any lens. An Accident (2) Next, Bai Qingcheng became more and more outstanding, Zhou Wanru became more and more dim, and people around him began to shake their heads secretly. Yan Feng looked at Bai Qingcheng,shuttle rack system, do not believe that this is her first time filming, her grasp of the role is almost the same, the girl was born to shoot.

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