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The golden-winged ROC said with a smile, “That’s exactly what I want to say to you. You’ve been here for so many years, but you’ve seen someone in charge of the demon clan, and you’re no match for my eldest brother. So now my eldest brother is not here, and you’re looking for me?”? You are really good at picking people, bullying the weak and fearing the strong. It seems that it is not the style of your Kirin clan. Could it be that after countless years, your Kirin clan has changed their nature? “That’s a lot of nonsense.” Golden Kirin sneer, in the hands of a whip suddenly waved out, a golden ray of light toward the golden-winged ROC eagle will hit the past, the distance between the two men is quite far, but it is only a moment across, has reached the eyes of the golden-winged ROC eagle, golden-winge ROC eagle smiled at the corners of his mouth, a hand up, Zhou Zhongyu’s soul of fire a red ray of light for you to jump out, two rays of light collide. Gold on the blood in a moment to think of the two colors actually blend with each other. Two people are stupefied, but two rays of light have held two kinds of magic weapons, two people unexpectedly found that this kind of power makes even individuals at a loss, the use of magic power is also unable to pull apart, do not know what is going on. A new thing appeared in the fusion of light, which looked very beautiful. The fusion of blood red and gold made this thing have a new color,collapsible pallet box, shining in the sun. Two people knew that this was probably a good thing, and turned into two rays of light towards the middle thing. Boom.. A loud noise, powerful light threw two people into the distance, really two people’s hands are in pain, the fusion of things actually exploded, in fact, this is two people have not fought with each other,plastic pallet manufacturer, do not know why these two things are like this, in fact, this is two innate things for both sides of the imperial blood power of a test. But the powerful force formed a momentum once again pushed to the outside, originally a lot of flying back immortals, once again was shaken out, so that they can not figure out what is going on, they have not reached the Kunlun Mountains was shaken away, but the terror of power has made them palpitate, but, can they endure the desire in their hearts? Can you control your greed? All this can only be asked of themselves. The two men watched their blood flow out of their palms and looked at each other angrily. The two men’s innate king spirit burst out at this moment. The bodies and magic weapons piled up on the Kunlun Mountains were all shocked into the distance. This level of magic weapons was not in their eyes. With a loud roar, the golden unicorn showed its original shape. A ray of light rushed into the sky. The golden light column went straight into the sky. The roar seemed to roll down to the sky layer by layer with the light column. The golden-winged ROC eagle also showed its true body at first sight. The golden ROC circled in the sky, and the golden light showed in his roar, and there seemed to be a little mutation. Originally, the ROC, whose real body was the golden-winged ROC eagle, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet supplier, jumped out of the whole blood-red flame from the light of the fire-bathed soul in its claws, and surrounded the golden-winged ROC eagle in gold. With the golden light and the fiery red light, the ROC itself did not realize that it had changed at this time. In his primordial spirit, a powerful force was born. Break through their own primordial spirit, break through their own physical body, the surrounding fire suddenly swept all kinds of aura and air around them, the eyes of the Golden Kirin were stunned, this is. Phoenix That is the emperor of the Phoenix clan, Jinfeng. At that time, the Phoenix Clan was the emperor of the Phoenix Clan, who was the mother of Kong Xuan and Dapeng. Now Dapeng has broken its own restrictions. This time, it has its own blood and the soul of bathing in fire, so that it has become a golden phoenix at this moment.
The appearance of the golden phoenix, even in the thirty-three days of Lingxiao Temple Xuanyuan Emperor and Nine Days Xuannu is also a face of experience, the side of the Holy Spirit Prince is beeping his small mouth, shaking the God-killing gun in his hand, is not willing to let himself go down, but now see write the following two forces are strong, the heart is also a little afraid, after all, he is still young. And have not seen a powerful person, even if there is a killing gun in hand, at this time his way or can not play out all the power of the killing gun. Is this an unintentional move by Kong Xuan, or has it been known for a long time that the ROC can become a phoenix? If Kong Xuan can incarnate the phoenix, then before so many years, so many dangerous fights, should have found the closed ROC to take back the soul of the bath fire is, is this doomed? In the chaos of Tongtian Jiao Lord sighed, this is absolutely do not believe that Kong Xuan is intentional, after all, when Dapeng retreat is still small, Kong Xuan’s Taoism is not enough to see, that is, now Kong Xuan, whether it can know this matter is also two say, let alone at that time of Kong Xuan? But in the chaos of Kong Xuan is a smile, and did not speak much, Ci Channel people standing beside, for this uncle, but he has never seen, now see this appearance, the heart is also do not understand why the golden-winged ROC eagle will become a phoenix, it is really elusive. Kong Xuan said with a smile, “This is the power of blood inheritance. There are only two of us left in the imperial blood of the Phoenix clan. If I don’t make a move, he will be the only one left. His battle against the Kirin has inspired the most primitive blood and power in his blood. Only then can he become the Phoenix. I’m afraid both of them will lose in this battle, or both of them will die..” “In that case,wholesale plastic pallet, why doesn’t the husband make a move?” Said the man of the channel. But he knew very well that if his husband made a move, the Golden Kirin would be easy to catch, so why should he bother so much. cnplasticpallet.com

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