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Ye Yinzhu thought for a moment. “Eldest brother,” he said, “do you think it is possible for us to lead a small army from the buffer zone to the Milan Empire and the Fortress of the God of War?” Oliveira said in his heart. Coming, Yin Zhu seems to be using his surprise soldier again, after thinking for a moment. He shook his head and said, “It’s hard.”. Although the wisdom of the orcs is not as good as our humans, they are not reckless. After the Lord of Flo became the running dog of Landias, the orc army of the God of War tribe also came to Thor’s Hammer Fortress. The army of the Kingdom of Florida was also mainly concentrated in the eastern part of the Milan Empire. Hoping to make a breakthrough from the east. In this case, it will inevitably lead to the emptiness of the northern frontier of Florida and the fortress of the God of War. If we can really have an army to use the buffer zone to break into it, I’m afraid the solid defense of the God of War Fortress will be very difficult to work. So. The Warlord Horde had a small army stationed at the nearest point in the buffer zone between them and the Kingdom of Flor. The main function of this army was to warn. There,Pallet rack upright, they built a stone fort. It’s not far from Quake Fortress. You can get help from Quake Fortress at any time. “That is to say,” said Ye Yinzhu, “if we send troops south along the buffer zone, they will surely discover us? Is it possible that through the Milan Empire? How about going around the stone fort? Oliveira said,Cantilever Storage rack, “Of course you can go around, but the orcs are so good at air reconnaissance that it’s hard not to be found by them.”. Even if we do go around. As long as they get the news in advance, the reaction speed of the orc army is very fast. Not the Air Force. Any orc army moves much faster than our human army. Except for the dragoons. Ye Yinzhu thought for a moment and said, “Elder brother, please accompany me to see Marshal Maldini.”. I should have told him when I came back. Blue Dias. The imperial capital. Serena sat in front of the window. Quietly looking out of the window at the swaying branches, although Landias is the south. But when it comes to winter. Plants are still beginning to be somewhat depressed. Originally, she wanted to meditate in her room. But I don’t know why, long span shelving ,Drive in racking system, she couldn’t calm down. It has been many days since the Landias civil and military competition. But the scenes that happened that day were always in her mind. Even when you dream, you will dream of wearing super armor at the last moment. A man with an amethyst star epee. Krena is a very gentle girl and always gives people a very comfortable feeling, but she is also the daughter of the Minister of War, Crispo. Father and uncle can be said to be the leader of the army in charge of Landias. Born in the family of such a big man in the military. Her gentle and understanding temper is alien though. But the worship of the strong is stronger than that of ordinary people. Krena is practicing magic. Her greatest wish since childhood was to become a powerful magician. She did not know how she felt about the man who had been a flash in the pan in her life, and she tried to forget him. But I don’t know why, the man’s figure always stays in her heart. Nope. I shouldn’t miss him. He already has a wife. Krena shook her head forcefully, trying to shake the figure away, but the more so, the clearer the figure became. Whenever she thought of the light saint Marina said to her that the man in order to save the life of Princess Luanfeng at the cost of their own six senses, her tears could not help but flow down, the man was so calm at that time. What kind of love and courage does it take? He didn’t even hesitate. 。 As if the lost six senses did not belong to him. The image of father and uncle was already very tall in Krena’s mind. But. When she saw the real strength of this man. She understands. Compared with that man, his father and uncle are still too small. Father said. The man is the Lord of the city of Gin in the Milan Empire. It was he who commanded the Qincheng Army. As a result, Landias’s plan has been hindered unprecedentedly. This man has concentrated almost all the advantages that can appear. He is brave and strong, and his nerves seem to be made of steel. In a hostile situation. How confident and brave he was to come to a hostile country alone for his lover. Why. Why are you the enemy of the Empire? Krena sighed.
After so many days, her state of mind was relatively calm. But this does not mean that the shadow in her heart will fade. She wanted to know what the man was doing now and whether he and Princess Luan Feng had already had lovers and finally got married. They must be very happy together. The princess must be very happy. With a murmur to herself, Krena suddenly found out in some disbelief. There was a faint jealousy in my heart. What’s wrong with me? Crena held her face in her hands. Why I’m jealous. I should be happy for them. My little Serena, what are you talking about in your room? May I come in? “A clear voice came from outside the door.”. Krena’s thoughts were awakened by the sound, and she quickly got up from her chair and opened the door. The owner of the voice is Crespo, the Imperial Minister of Landias. Dad, you’re back. Krena took her father’s arm. Crespo has only one daughter, plus Crena’s own excellence. For this daughter, he can almost describe it as spoiling. If someone compares her life with his future in Landias, he will not hesitate to choose Crena. Crespo sat down in a chair as she walked into her boudoir arm in arm. “My little Crespo, you seem to have something on your mind recently. Talk to Dad.”. What’s the matter with you? Krena was startled. She didn’t expect her father to notice her change. He shook his head gently. Dad. I’m fine! Nothing on my mind 。” Crespo smiled. “No,Narrow aisle rack,” he said. In the past, my little Serena always looked happy. I heard your teacher say that you are not serious about practicing magic recently. You have reached the blue level. If you want to break through the bottleneck of the purple level, you need to accumulate in peacetime. Dad wants to know. What is the matter with little Crena.

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